Sample Civil Engineering On Truss Bridges

Homework Question on Truss Bridges

  • Write two papers:
  • The first one talks about an introduction about Bridges in General.
  • The second paper talks about the history of Truss bridge. Because I am designing a truss bridge using popsicles stick.

Homework Answer on Truss Bridges

A bridge is simply a structure created to span physical barriers like a valley, water, and road with the aim of providing a passage through the said obstacle. Bridges take different designs according to the unique purpose that they meant to serve and in most cases the designs varies with the situation involved. Bridges are designed in regard to the purpose they serve, the material to be used in building it, the nature of the landscape upon which it will be put, and the amount of funds allocated for such a project (Klein and Macaulay 08).

According to the origin and history of bridges, the first bridges were made of wooden logs that were cut and put to connect the physical obstacle. In other regions, bamboo sticks were used which were joined by fibers that were woven together to form a rope. In ancient Rome, arch bridges were built as a strategy to withstand damage that had been experienced in the earlier designs. It was in the 18th century when bridge technology resulted in Iron bridges in England.

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During the industrial revolution, the iron bridges were improved thereby being replaced with steel bridges because steel contain a high tensile strength that has the capability of supporting large loads as opposed to iron. It’s in the early 20th century that welded road bridge was built in Poland.In the current world there are a lot of bridges depending on; the kind of structural elements that are used in their creation, what they are built to carry, their mobility; whether movable or fixed, and the materials that are utilized in their formation among others.