Sample Civil Engineering Essay Summary on Consumers Energy

Consumers Energy

Consumers energy, an investor utility company is situated in Lower Michigan where it provides a diverse range of services in all the 68 counties. Through a collection of civil, mechanical and electrical engineers, the company carries out many projects in which it has managed to develop mastery. The construction of an electricity generating company demands the presence of all experts in engineering.

Each of the experts understands his/ her area of expertise and the project as a whole hence facilitating effective coordination. The current project in which the company is working is the upgrading and construction of the Ludington pumped storage project. The power generation project was built in Lake Michigan from 1969 – 1973 and has six unit. Each of the units provides power to 1.4 million people within Michigan. This capacity is however considered for expansion during the upgrade process. The current capacity is 1872MW.

The key upgrading projects to be carried out include design of a new runner, improved data acquisition system and enhancement of the local grid connections. The site infrastructures will also require improvements. The engineers involved in this project have to understand their roles. The civil engineers will participate in the site construction activities while the mechanical and electrical engineers will be involved in the design of new turbines and generator stators respectively. Apart from this, the company intends to set up wind turbine with the potential of generating 100MW of energy. Procedures for modeling will be followed for the wind turbine and the reservoir projects to take care of factors such as landfill capping and stability. This will help to avert probable disasters such as those that have been experienced in power generation projects in the past.

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