Sample Chemistry Essays On Animations of Biology

Homework Question on Animations of Biology

This week I would like you to watch this fascinating TED talk and comment on what you found most interesting about the presentation and then pose one question that you wonder about after viewing the talk.

  •             TED TALK:  Animations of Unseeable Biology

Homework Answer on Animations of Biology

I find the entire aspect of molecule behaviour to be more interesting as they are likened to moving thing. It is also important in realizing the issue of the shapes and sizes of molecules observed. From this perspective, it can be easy to ascertain the coming into being particular organisms that are visible in the society today. It is however frightening to observe how these particles move, are formed and the congestion that they undergo in their quest to survive.

From the video, we are also meant to understand the composition of the cell, its structural consistence that has proteins and other structures, this aspect enables it to undergo modification when there are interferences. This leads to a more critical question as to whether the human body is as a result of some equilibrium of chemicals because from the nature of these cells and their consistence, the human body undergoes major processes that have proved hard to comprehend. As observed from the movement of cells, there seems to be a ceaseless scramble of an unpredicted amount of particles and substances in the body of an individual that ascertain the specific process and the importance of each role requires great expertise and research.

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The chemistry behind some of the activities that happen in the human body to enable movement of molecules from one place to another or change from one form to another is hard to comprehend though there is the belief that chemical energy is the one that is greatly used as compared to mechanical energy; the energy is used in breaking the bonds and translating them into usable substances that enable the normal functioning of the body.