Sample Case Study Summary Sample: Responsibilities of IT Departments

Responsibilities of IT Departments

A data center houses information based in computer systems that may include governmental and/ or organizational information. With emergence of technologies, data centers are present in all types of organizations and their sole responsibility is to provide backup as well as for storage of sensitive and original information. As such, data centers comprise of data backup systems, environmental controls such as air conditioning and fire extinguishing systems as well as data security infrastructure.

Based on the increase in the data center technology and their economic viability among companies, the security of such centers is paramount. Various issues pertaining to security surface in the continued use of data centers, the most prominent being the use of virtualization, which is based on cloud computing for the storage of information (Rath, 2011). This concept makes information sharing very simple and thus of concern in data centers. It is therefore critical to determine the level of access to data centers.

Access to data centers can be limited to the hardware or can extend to software components. However, access to software poses security challenges in two main ways which include security breaches where members authorized to access information from organizational data centers opt to use the information for their own personal gains. Another way in which data security in data centers can be compromised is through piggy- backing where unauthorized individuals access information when the authorized personnel fail to logout of their website accounts.

Preventing piggy backing can be achieved through construction of automated systems where the system automatically logs out of any account after a stipulated period of time. To prevent security breaches, the use of access control codes such as passwords is recommended for companies using data centers (Singleton, 2012).



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