Sample Case Study Paper On DHL and Qantas Flight 32 Accident

Homework Question on DHL over Baghdad and Qantas Flight 32 Accident

Within the Case Study 3 folder, you will find some background materials to provide information on this accident. You may use additional information as long as you cite it properly in your paper.

DHL over Baghdad Missile Strike

Qantas QF32

ATSB Final Report for QF32

The purpose of this assignment is for you to examine, in depth, an accident that occurred, the outcomes, the findings, and recommendations. A goal of this exercise is for you to develop critical thinking and analysis skills, while also reviewing aviation related accident documents.

Some questions to get you started (feel free to expand on these topics):

  1.             What were the root causes of this accident?
  2.             Should these flights have “made it”?
  3.             Was this accident preventable?
  4.             Are the recommendations appropriate?
  5.             What are the major lessons learned from this accident?
  6.             How did CRM influence the outcomes?
  7.             What examples of CRM exist in these accidents

Homework Answer on DHL over Baghdad and Qantas Flight 32 Accident


This case study seeks to find out the dangers of unforeseen and unexpected tragic accidents that involve the aircraft. The aviation team has been aware of these risks and dangers of unforeseen and unexpected occurrence and now seeks ways in which these accidents can be avoided since the public is aware of aircraft accidents that have been occurring over years.

An airmanship investigative research was done referring to Quanta’s flight 32 DHL over the Baghdad aircraft crash. According to the airmanship, there are complex issues are that involved in flying an aircraft and the unexpected are permanent. The issues that are looked at in these study include; finding out whether there is enough safety, use of more advanced technology, use of programmatic and operational experienced engineers and ergonomists and use of common sense (Boy 402-409).

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Testing the competence of an airmanship is by training and use of psychology questions. Here, the use of questionnaires, literature review, and outlines are capable research materials for data collection.


Various issues cause aircraft accidents including lack of training. In the accidents that occurred, it was found out that proper skills and knowledge that is needed in flying the airbus is not enough for one to be a qualified pilot.