Sample Business Studies Term Papers On Organizational Structure

Homework Question on Organizational Structure and the External Environment

  1. Discuss thoroughly the relationship between the external environment and organizational structure.

Paper outline

  • Executive Summary (100 Words)
  • Introduction to the issue (200-300 Words)
  • State the objective of your project.
  • Include in your paper a thorough discussion of studies (Literature review) that relate to the project (1300-1500 Words)
  • Statement and discussion of your position with support from studies about the issue (600-800 Words).
  • Include a conclusion statement.
  • No internet references at all 8.
  • Use a minimum of 10 references.
  • Use references in the text in this style: Al-Kahtani (2000) stated that organizational involvement is a behavioral aspect of an employee.
  • The behaviors of employees explain their involvement more than attitudes (John, 1999; Rogers, 1998).

Homework Answer on Organizational Structure and the External Environment

Executive Summary

The relationship between organizational structure and the external environment is a concept that cannot be explained without including the aspect of organizational change. This paper discusses this relationship with focus on an open system organization. Based on a study of relevant literature, the information obtained suggests that the external environment influences the organizational structure more that the organizational structure influences it.

This occurs through various features associated with the external environment such as the political, economic, social, competition and environmental. On the other hand, the organizational structure mainly influences the external environment through its products and services as well as through corporate responsibilities.

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Organizational structure is an essential element in the operation and success of any given organization. Several forms of structure exist in organizations. Structures can be classified as mechanistic or organic. Mechanistic structures are based on operational procedures while organic structures are based on the people involved.While organizational structures influence to a large extent the way operations are carried out, modes of interaction between people in the organization and subsequently the success of the organization, several external factors exist which interact in a complex manner with the organizational structure to contrib.ute to the potential success of the organization.