Sample Business Studies Research Proposal Summary on Consumer Behavior in Online Shopping

Consumer Behavior in Online Shopping

There are various features that are associated with online shopping. The study aims at identifying trends in consumer behavior during online shopping. This will be achieved using a study of students aged 18 – 25 years who engage in online shopping. Some of the factors that are associated with online shopping include effectiveness and low prices. Through online shopping, consumers can compare the prices of products they intend to purchase from different suppliers. Moreover, the selling prices also tend to be low due to competition between several marketers on online platforms.

During product purchases, the consumers adopt a visual culture which involves analysis of product postings by various companies on different characteristics. Consumers have the opportunity to select products based on their features of interest such as size, color, and packaging e.t.c. The key objectives of the study will include determination of the key aspects of online consumer behaviors; determination of the impacts of online consumer behaviors on different industries; identification of impacts of online shopping among the participants.

The research questions that will guide the study are based on the research objectives outlined and will help to achieve the key goal of the study. The method used for the research is a qualitative research design. This approach will be used because of the ease with which objective data can be recorded. The researcher will take part in the data collection process through consideration of various aspects of consumer behavior. The observations will be recorded based on subjective meanings and symbols observed from the participants.

Through interviews, more information will be obtained directly from the participants as this method is suitable for keeping records on perceptions of participants (Tsai et al., 257). An interpretive and critical model will be taken to understand the beliefs of students concerning online shopping based on the portfolio of their actions during online shopping. The qualitative approach was selected since it is suitable for studying the social context and will help to answer the research questions conclusively. The research will be carried out on the ethical foundations of honesty and truthfulness.

The social construction approach will be adopted in the development of the study context. It will be mandatory for the research to use valid and reliable surveys and research instruments for the study. The surveys will be designed to address the specific objectives of research to avoid digression from the goal of the study (Hernandez and others 211). The surveys are chosen as they reduce inaccuracy that may be involved in interpretation through writing.

Following data collection, the data collected from interview tapes will be recorded in Ms Excel for ease of analysis. This will be followed by data analysis through alignment of interview results with research objectives. The evaluation of data will begin with the data collected from secondary sources such as the internet followed by data collected from the primary sources which are the interviews of the students. The secondary information will be able to offer insight into contemporary trends thus offering a basis for conducting the primary surveys.

Although the research as planned would be informative to the academia, there are some key limitations that should be addressed. First, establishing reliability and validity of data is a key issue due to conflicting literature reports. Secondly, the size and nature of sample population is also limiting as the results cannot be generalized (Darley and others 136). It is therefore recommended that future research should engage more people with different backgrounds as a sample population during research.

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