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Doctoral Readiness and Sense-Making Writing Activity

A doctorate is an extensive study in a particular field or discipline. It involves the writing of a thesis from the findings of a particular research. While a traditional PhD aims at preparing a candidate into the entry or initiates him or her into the academic circles, a professional doctorate aims at preparing professional researchers either into the academic circles or industry.

Current and future identity

The primary aim of joining this doctoral program is to improve my academic competence. In the business world, attaining a strong business degree such as an MBA (Masters in Business Administration) will play a key role in improving my managerial skills hence increasing the chances of getting lucrative positions up the corporate ladder.

I believe that I am well prepared since I have appropriate industry experience which I can use as a reference in my work. To ensure that I succeed in my doctoral studies, I aim at developing theories and research methods that can be applied to the business industry thus improving the competitive edge of a business.

Personal strengths skills and readiness for change

My strengths are in investment analysis and portfolio management. I intend to deepen my skills on business portfolio management and broaden my knowledge base.

            I feel adequately prepared to improve my critical thinking skills in portfolio management. Additionally, I will expand my knowledge on macroeconomic policies that influence investment management decisions. I plan to broaden my knowledge on mutual funds, pension funds, trust funds and hedge fund management.

Method of collecting data for improvement

The primary research methodology that I will entail in my research will include both quantitative and qualitative methods. I plan on collecting the relevant data first hand from the organizations and quantify the results. The qualitative methodology will entail collecting information from existing sources such as secondary sources of information since they are easily available.

Risks, obstacles and support networks

The greatest risk will be in sacrificing valuable time for my studies. I will have to work around the clock since doctoral programs are quite challenging. There are various obstacles in the doctoral path such as inadequate financial resources, confidentiality of the data and information collected and proving the appropriate research skills to the judging panel. Such obstacles will be overcome by proper planning and relating my research to the relevant literature. The networks that I will use to overcome these obstacles are first and foremost the supervisors of my doctoral program.


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