Sample Business Studies Research Paper on Training and Development Review

Training and Development Review

Topic: Training and Development of Communications Skills among Employees to Improve Operational Management

Communication skills is an important part of operational management which promotes an effective operational relationship between employees and their managers and supervisors (Business Training Works, 2016). It is through an effective implementation of this training and development plan that employees will be motivated to achieve greater heights in quality and quantity production. The ability to communicate fluently and timely would enable employees hasten their production efforts with the aid of the management. A training and development program will ensure that communication skills play part in mitigating employee conflict that arises from cultural diversity. 

Learning Objectives:

  • Comprehend fundamental communication concepts effective for introducing and sustaining an organizational change.
  • Integrate relevant communication channels and frameworks – identified by the training and development program – for relaying information from the messenger to recipient.
  • Internalize basic guidelines of listening and responding skills for enhanced operational coordination in the organization.
  • Understand cultural diversity and its implication on the communication process for mitigating employee conflicts in the firm.
  • Evaluating effective and ineffective communication scenarios as a benchmark of improving employee coordination in the organization.
  • Managing and limiting the level of personal assumptions to avoid distorting messages relayed by the formal communication framework in the organization (Yousef-Morgan & Stark, 2014).
  • Optimizing on personal communication strengths as a means of setting precedence for other employees to emulate in implementing an organizational change.
  • Improving on personal response to other people’s views as a means of improving respect for personal opinion which improves communication in teamwork environment in the organization.
  • Maximizing on non-verbal cues and body language during a communication process for measures employee motivation in the organization.
  • Improve confidence levels among employees as a means of enhancing professional growth and career development using an effective communication framework.
  • Understand the challenges of a communication process which includes recipients with difficulties in understanding basic concepts of mutual agreement.


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