Sample Business Studies Research Paper on To improve is to lead and to lead is to Improve

To improve is to lead and to lead is to Improve

Impact the Leadership Presence on Performance

 The modern-day leadership concentrates on the skills and one’s understanding of their operative environment. Moreover, it focuses on strategic goals and drams and how they can be utilized to promote growth and increased the productivity of every member of society (Perkins & Arvinen-Muondo, 2013). As such, it is essential to adopt a strategy of leading by presence and not by prominence. Organizations are diverse institutions, and every member has unique abilities as well as approaches to solving complications (Duan, 2017). Presence in leadership allows relationship building and increases confidence among employees. Adoption of this strategy is beneficial from both individual and organizational perspectives as it promotes proper and productive communication between leaders and subordinates and enhances the development of productive ideas.

Internal and External Influences on Leadership Presence

 Notably, internal factors have significant impacts on leadership presence. For instance, organizational aspects such as culture and structure may limit effective communication between a leader and the subordinates. A firms traditions determine how different operations are conducted including the method of communication to be used as well as assessing the role of the leader. However, external elements such as the level of competition and technological advancement in the industry have limited effects to application leadership presence.

Communicating Leadership Presence

 Communicating leadership presence is a complex phenomenon that may involve adaptation of different strategies. Some of the effective methods that a leader may employ to achieve this may include cultivating their network, becoming a better listener, understanding their relationship with others, having an achievable vision and learning to cope with stressful situations (Duan, 2017). These methods are not only useful in enhancing proper relation between leaders and subordinates but also allows the former to improve their skills and understanding of their operative environments.


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