Sample Business Studies Research Paper on technical analysis of company’s efforts in work and the formal system of the OPM

Your final paper is a technical analysis of your company’s efforts in work and the formal system of the OPM. I would revisit the OPM PowerPoint (below) and supporting pdf  (separate doc – congruence model) that explains the dynamics associated with the horizontal axis of the model. This is the world that Michael Hammer spent an entire professional career honing and perfecting with his process reengineering work. Towards the end of his life he said his next book would include the human side of technology implementations. The reality is that we need to give equal attention to both sides of the socio-tech challenges facing all organizations during the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

This is outside our comfort zone for the ENFP’s in the room based on the Myers-Briggs personality assessment. The final paper is truly a dream come true for the ISTJ’s in the room.




OPM Structure

This is the model you will utilize in writing your two research papers. It it based on the principles associated with the Socio-Tech framework of analyzing a system. Your first research paper in week four explores the vertical portion of an organization. We refer to this as the “living/breathing,” part of your company. The horizontal axis reflects the non-living, non breathing part of your company and this is where Michael Hammer’s process re-engineering world resides. Both of these worlds must be in sync/content/enforced/36156-OFFR_2016-SU-A5-BA-560-5A-78/Insight_Congruence Model.pdf for organization success in the 21st century.



OPM PowerPoint



Goetsch, D. L., & Davis, S. (2020). Quality Management for Organizational Excellence (9th ed.). Pearson Education (US).