Sample Business Studies Research Paper on Information Systems

Final Information Systems Research Paper
• Assignment
o Prompt: The objective of this final research paper is to examine a research topic in
global information technology and identify areas of future research. The steps you
should follow and different sections of the paper should include the following:
• Identify a research topic of interest in global information technology.
Formulate a research question. Follow the instructions provided to detail how
you selected the topic.
• Conduct a review of the literature (refereed journal articles only) on the topic.
Follow the process presented in the unit on literature reviews.
• When reviewing literature, address issues of rigor and relevance – were these
met or not met.
• Identify gaps in the literature. Present two or three areas of future research.
• Use tables and figures where necessary.
• Note: Summarize and paraphrase. Do not copy material from research papers.
• Use the APA format for the paper, including citations and references. Include
at least eight references.
o Requirements:
• 3,500 – 4,000 words
• APA-compliant formatting, including title and reference pages
• Minimum of eight scholarly references