Sample Business Studies Research Paper Summary on Communication


Communication is a critical aspect in business operation as it helps to integrate all the different aspects of the business. Communication in the business context is essential since without it, the business can easily disintegrate. An important factor that influences the success of communication is culture. Culture refers to the distinctive characteristics of different human groups (Wagner, 2009). The differences in cultures across groups make it important to adopt different communication strategies across different groups of people. A strategy that is considered successful for one group of people may not be successful for other groups. The concept of communication is most influential with regards to the customers in a business. The language used in a business to communicate with customers should be one that is common between the business and the customers. Failure to realize a common language can result in communication break down and subsequently losses for the business.

Consumer cultures are influential to business communication in more ways than the language in use. For instance, the cultures of the target market determine the type of products that a company will avail to the market. This is because giving products that are not acceptable or usable within a particular culture will result in business loses. In addition to product determination, culture also influences the type of advertisement that a company can put out into the public and the mode in which the advertisement is placed. For instance, in communities such as African communities where adult talk is prohibited in the presence of children, it is extremely necessary for the advertisements placed to take this into consideration. International business also poses a challenge in advertisement due to cultural difference. For instance, the Asian market discourages bulk purchase (Guffey and Loewy 2010).



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