Sample Business Studies Report Paper on Research report plan

Research report plan


            The success of an organization in the modern competitive business environment is greatly influenced by its ability to attract, select and retain skilled employees. The input of employees plays a major role in determining the success of an organization.  A study conducted by Gusdorf (2008), indicates that actions such as nepotism are still common in the organizations, and this affects their efficiency (Gusdorf 7). In the highly competitive world today, companies need to adopt effective strategies for hiring and testing new employees. The current study seeks to identify the best means of hiring and evaluating new employees to enhance a company’s productivity. The study findings are useful to companies as they can implement the recommended strategies in their respective companies to enhance success.

Recruiting and selecting employees

            The process of recruiting and selecting employees determines the quality of workforce that an organization attracts and retains, and consequently its performance. The process is determined by the needs of an organization in terms of skills and experience (Duck-Hee et. al. 1060). It involves identifying the positions that the company needs to fill and the functions of the employees.  The job description and specifications dictates the academic qualifications, experience and skills needed to execute the job. This influences the quality of employees that the organization attracts.

Testing the capability of employees

            One of the ways that is used to indicate the capability of employees is the use of selection tests. They are important in showing the skills and abilities of the employees that cannot be shown during the interviews (Gusdorf 8).


            For companies to ensure that they hire and test the most suitable employees there is a need to determine the number of employees required, the necessary skills and abilities as well as the company’s budget.  Companies should also have a recruitment policy that does not allow counterproductive actions such as nepotism. They should also consider filling a vacant position internally first before sourcing employees externally (Gusdorf 4). This motivates the employees and may be a way of cutting on training costs.

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