Sample Business Studies Paper On university graduates

Homework Question on university graduates

  • Governmental and media reports suggest that university graduates are not adequately prepared to work in globalised workplaces that are complex and diverse.
  • This view is echoed by; graduates and graduate employers.
  • Explore what competencies would make business graduates more employable in the global environment, and how Universities can help develop such competencies.
  • The goal of this assessment is to reflect, summarise, critique and evaluate research, about the research topic.Are business students work-ready?
  • Could you highlight the key points in PDF show where they from please.

        Homework Answer on university graduates

The aim of the research was to identify whether there is congruence between the competencies that are emphasized in business school and those that businesses identify as indicative of successful graduates[1]. To address the questions, the researchers used a qualitative survey. The survey was sent electronically to the respondents from both the business community and business schools.

The research was done in two stages. In stage 1 a list of 23 competencies identified for success was sent to businesses, and in stage 2, a list with 21 of the 23 questions was sent to business schools[2]. 200 business schools in the USA and Canada with undergraduate business programs from the AACSB were selected, and overall 42 of the 200 schools sent a response.

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The main findings of the research were as follows:

  • There is some similarity between the competencies identified by businesses as describing successful managers and those identified by business schools as describing successful graduates
  • Business schools do not emphasize the same competencies in their programs as businesses identify as describing ‘the highly successful manager/executive.’
  • Business schools are not emphasizing in their programs competencies that they identify as describing ‘the highly successful graduate.’

One of the weaknesses of the paper is that despite the large statistical differences in their findings, they still categorized some competencies as congruent.