Sample Business Studies Paper on Tort Law

Question 1:
• Why do you think a society would address liability for civil wrongs separately from criminal wrongs? Should a wrongdoer be potentially liable both for civil wrongs as well as for criminal wrongs related to the same wrongdoing?
• Sometimes people excuse the damage they cause by saying this was a mistake or that they did not mean to cause the damage. Is this a valid excuse to avoid liability for damage caused? Explain your answer.
• In common law countries, strict liability was originally imposed for abnormally dangerous activities. What was the rationale for extending strict liability to everyday products sold in commerce? Do you agree with this extension of strict liability? Explain your answer.

Question 2: (Not less than 1500 words)
Research the case of Stella Liebeck, an elderly grandmother who received third-degree burns when she spilled coffee purchased at a McDonald’s drive-through. What was the basis of her claim against McDonald’s? Was the alleged tort intentional, negligent, or strict liability? Why did Ms. Liebeck’s lawyers believe that McDonald’s was liable to Ms. Liebeck? Do you think it is reasonable to expect that a hot drink purchased from a restaurant might quickly give you third degree burns? How did the jury decide the case? Why do you think the jury decided the case this way? Be sure to explain your answers thoroughly.

Question 3: (Not less than 500 words)
What duties do you owe to the people closest to you, such as family, friends, and neighbors? What duties do you owe to people in general, any time and any place?