Sample Business Studies Paper on Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management

The Jabra Elite 65t is a fine sound product manufactured by Jabra, a member of the GN Group of companies sold by Amazon. The product’s supply runs from the manufacturer to the final user through Amazon and affiliate marketers. The chain is as listed below.

Jabra (manufacturer) – Amazon Warehouse/Affiliate Marketer – Customers

Jabra as the manufacture coordinates the internal operations that ensures logistics of production inputs, through production to their first store in the company warehouse. Amazon coordinates the movement of the product from the company warehouse to the Amazon warehouse. Through experienced logistic personnel, Amazon has put in place cross-sectional coordination that ensures safety production, storage, transportation, and looking at the Amazon store. In the absence of affiliate marketers, Amazon performs the role of a distributor and a retailer hence coordinating the distribution and supply of the products to the customers. In the existence of affiliate marketers, Amazon would coordinate the warehouse and directive distribution. Thus, the affiliate marketer becomes the retailer, though the majority opt to distribute using Amazon logistics.

Amazon employs online advertisement, marketing, and sight sponsorship models of e-commerce revenue (Laudon, & Traver, 2016). As an online retailer, Amazon makes the majority of its revenue by advertising and marketing other companies’ products. The company earns a commission on items sold on its platform. However, in recent time, the company has diversified storage system and reinstated full retailing of some products. Thus the company earns revenue from the online sale of the products. In addition, Amazon makes extra revenue from site sponsorship to other firms that would like to popularize their services and products. The model applies mostly to online service companies that would like to attach their services to the Amazon platform. Such include banks, credit card companies, and other online money transfer services.


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