Sample Business Studies Paper on My Business Plan

My Business Plan

            My intended business is on special auto car wash with a drive-in and a café shop. The intended business will offer quality services to customers within Canada. The customers will receive special treatment services in addition to interior cleaning. The main objective is to offer car wash services with a touch of advanced technology where cars will be automatically cleaned. I hope to manage the business in partnership with a colleague who will manage the café while I manage the car wash section. I hope to raise the initial capital through personal savings and loan from a financial institution which I plan to service for at least one year. Later, I may opt sell part of the shares to develop the business.

Technology will be used to clean the interiors of the vehicles within short duration compared to manual cleaning. As they wait for their cars to be cleaned, they will have the opportunity to be served in the café shop. With limited automatic cleaning car wash services in Canada, this business seeks to seize the open opportunity especially amongst upcoming high-class social group.

            Other than targeting the upcoming high-class social group, the business will seek to attract other market segments with unique needs and demands. This form of services will extend to company vehicles where the business may offer discounted prices depending on the terms and period of services.

Summary Questions

  1. What is the business plan?
  2. What is the aim of the business?
  3. Who are the owners of the business?
  4. What will the business focus on?
  5. Why focus on that category of business?
  6. Where will the capital of the business be derived from?
  7. How is the business beneficial to the region?
  8. Who are the stakeholders?
  9. Where is the proposed market?
  10. Who are the target of the business?
  11. What competitive strategy does the business have over its competitors within the region?
  12. What are the foreseen challenges of this business?