Sample Business Studies Paper On Marketing Plan

Homework Question on Marketing Plan: Town Centre Medical Clinic

  • Please cover the steps below deeply.
  1. Prepare marketing plan for your future career(as health care manager or a career that related to health care) . Steps may include:
  2. Prepare a mission statement.
  3. Prepare a SWOT analysis for yourself, analyzing your future. Suggest ways to increase your strengths and minimize your weaknesses. What are your opportunities and threats?
  4. Suggest short-term and long-term strategies for achieving your mission.
  5. In the future what “marketing research” do you need to perform?
  • You may decide on the format. Apply the marketing planning process to your career. This should be fun and useful. You will probably want to add personal goals and analyze how these fit with your career goals.

Homework Answer on Marketing Plan: Town Centre Medical Clinic

Executive Summary

Town centre medical clinic will be a business owned by two medical practitioners devoted to the practice of pain management. The clinic is intended to offer general pain management services to the citizens of Wellington, Colorado. Through combining industry level client service and flexibility, the clinic will be able to quickly gain market share. The general pain management services to clients will be utilized to generate initial cash flows as the clinical manager establishes branding for the clinic’s enhancement services.

As the manager of the clinic, I will take advantage of the experience gained in private practice to establish the new clinic. My experiences together with the forward-looking, client centric marketing model will allow me and my partner to swiftly develop a large as well as loyal client base. We will be able to achieve profitability by approximately ten months, and sales are estimated to reach $300,000 by the end of the second year into the business.

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Products and Services

The Town centre clinic will offer anaesthesiology together with the general pain management services to clients throughout Wellington, Colorado. The services will be comprise of diagnostic procedures, pain management drug doses, ortho-molecular treatment acupuncture services as well as nutritionist services. The clinic will receive funds from various insurances, including Medicaid, Medicare in addition to payment from clients.