Sample Business Studies Paper On A Global Economy

Homework Question on Managing in a Global Economy

  • Find 2 articles and write them separately.
  1. Find an article that discusses a multinational enterprise’s decision to open a new office in another country, and how it will or has affected operations.
  2. Find an article that discusses the use of social media for global marketing For each article( A 50 word summary of the article, under the title “Summary” A link to the article, along with its title, name of the source (must be outside of the US), and date of publishing, under the title “Source”.
  3. An explanation of why it is relevant to the module, under the title “Relevance” The article must be current (within the past 6 months)
  • The article must be from a foreign publication or source .
  • The article should be in English or an English translation Blogs and online posts are acceptable as long as they are substantive and the writer comes from somewhere other than the US.

Homework Answer on Managing in a Global Economy

Article 1


Lulu Exchange Limited just commenced operations in a new branch, Victoria, Seychelles. The Abu Dhabi-based company deals with money remittance and forex. Seychelles is the 9th country Lulu is entering, and the Victoria branch brings the number of its outlets all over the world to 110, from the single initial outlet when the business started up.


Title: Lulu Exchange opens branch in Seychelles
Name of the source: The Economic Times, India

Date: October 5, 2015
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Businesses ought to see the essence of doing their operations in the international level. In a global scale, a business can acquire an expansive market hence a higher level of activity to boost its profitability and performance. This is what Lulu Exchange just did. According to one of the company’s branch managing directors, the move to open up a branch in Victoria was to strengthen its position globally. However, it might be difficult to start up a foreign business due to cultural differences and laws and regulations, as well.