Sample Business Studies Paper on Lean Six Sigma-Expanded Cath Lab

This paper should be two sections
First Section Overview: You are working on a Lean Six Sigma Process Improvement Project for a newly expanded cardiac Cath lab. Your goal of the project is to reduce the throughput time by 10% to improve efficiency and patient flow. You are part of a Lean Six Sigma Team. For this hypothetical situation provide a short backdrop for why this project is valuable. Please use evidence to support your hypothesis and avoid opinion. Remember you are laying foundation for why this project is important and must be fact driven and rationally developed.

For the second section please focus on Methods or Management Approach: Provide the management steps required for project completion. This should list each step that you must complete for success. Use process maps and business tools to support this section (i.e.: SWOT, GANNT chart, FISHBONE, etc.) . Since it is a lean six sigma project you are following a DMAIC methodology. Please create a hypothetical resources & anticipated costs, benefits (Budget & risk analysis).
Please use scholarly sources to support your analysis. Sources can be dated from 2015 to present. You may use as many sources as you like.