Sample Business Studies Paper on Investment Analysis Matrix Worksheet


Assume as a member of an Investment Club it is your turn to recommend 3 companies to the group for possible investment and one additional company of your choice. From those listed below what would be your top 3 picks (in priority order), your team’s additional choice, and rationale for each.

  Recent Price per Share Earnings per Share


Price / Earnings Ratio (P/E) Dividends per Share Return on Equity (ROE) Book Value per Share Your Rank
Apple $119.88 $2.58 9.22X $0.73 70.66% $120.71 3
Apollo Group $3.95 $0.590 15.0X $0.49 -12.20% $18.51  
Exxon $34.46 $-0.700 20.33X $0.82 3.72% $44.27  
FedEx $284.08 $2.530 40.80X $2.6 9.49% $74.12 2
GE $7.30 $-2.62 25.85X $0.04 -15.10% $4.03  
Google $1,568.65 $10.130 34.21X $0.65 15.62% $304.34 1
­­Merck $79.84 $1.370 19.64X $2.38 39.18% $10.97  
PNC $110.70 $-1.900 7.1X $4.60 14.02% $124.58  
Southwest $39.48 $-2.670 141.8X $0.36 1.64% $18.44  
Weis Market $49.21 $1.54 18.39X $1.24 9.41% $41.32  
Team Choice:



$3,324.67 $10.30 132.40X $0.00 20.47% $147.16  


#1: Google


Google company has the highest market value with a price of $1,568.65 per share. This high price of its stock shows that the company is stable in the market. Besides, the earnings per share are relatively high at $10.130 per share, indicating that investors will get more money from their share. Furthermore, the dividends are competitively average with $0.73 per share.

#2: FedEx


FedEx company have a good stock market value of $284.08 per share. With this relatively low price, an investor can purchase many shares which in turn will get an earning of $2.530 per share. Also, the dividends per share are high with $ 2.6 hence higher profits.

#3: Apple


Apple has an earning of $2.58 per share. With more shares, an investor can get good return on investment. Also, the price of $119.88 per share shows that the company has stable market value. Moreover, the book value per share is high with a price of $120.7.


My Investment Team Choice:


I selected the Amazon company because its market value of stock is high with $3,324.67 per share. The high stock value shows that the company is doing well in the market. Also, it has better earning per share of $10.30 per share. Therefore, if one owns many shares with the company, he is likely to get more profits. Ultimately, its book value per share is high with a price of $147.16