Sample Business Studies Paper on Internal Promotion and Recruitment and its Influences within an Organization

Internal Promotion and Recruitment and its Influences within an Organization

Advantages and Disadvantages of Internal Promotion

            Internal promotions refer to recruiting employees who have managed to rise up the corporate ladder and employing them in senior managerial positions within the same firm or organization. Internal promotions present numerous benefits to the organization itself as well as the employees. Current employees have a long experience working in the same organization hence they understand the rules, regulations and the culture that defines the organization pretty succinctly. The employees who are been recruited and employed from within the ranks do not need an induction into the organization hence saving time and costs that could have been incurred on orientation. The organization benefits since it less costly or expensive to recruit internally since it does not incur advertising charges for the job position. Internal promotions create a positive image of the company or organization and encourage the internal employees to work hard and be counterproductive. Internal promotions boost the morale of the internal staff members making them more loyal to the organization and consequently boosting their productivity.

            Nevertheless, internal promotion has its shortcomings for the organization and its employees. First and foremost, internal promotions and recruitments do not pump in any fresh ideas or strategies into the organization. Internal promotions may brew cheap politics in the organization making the internal staff to jostle for positions which may reduce productivity of the employees. Moreover, internal promotions may cause the employees to resent one another as one may feel they deserved a particular post more than another person. Most of the times, the number of which to choose from may be limited which may call for external recruitments or at times too many. Organizations may at times promote the employees with the wrong skill set such as recruiting a manager who has extensive and appropriate work experience but with poor management experience.


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