Sample Business Studies Paper On High Traffic Academy

Homework Question on High Traffic Academy

  • Write an article review on the following online marketing company:
  1. High Traffic Academy
  • Write a two (2) page review on High Traffic Academy in which you:
  1. Describe what type of company it is.
  2. Describe who the company is designed for, ex- People who want to be successful in online business
  3. List and describe the training programs and benefits offered Suggested Reading
  • Format your assignment according to the following formatting requirements:
  • Typed,
  • Double spaced,
  • Using Times New Roman font (size 12), with one-inch margins on all sides.

Homework Answer on High Traffic Academy

High Traffic Academy is an online tutoring forum intended to train, support and raise marketers who aspire to increase their echelon. It focuses on online traffic generation and equipping individuals with skills necessary for effective web communication and interactions. High Traffic Academy was founded by Vick Strizheus in 2001 (High Traffic Academic Review, 2015). His dream was built on a basic concept that “one idea can make millions” encouraging the world on the fact that the delusion of thriving online business can be true.

High Traffic Academy offers training programs via video channel where its members largely marketers and other online business entrepreneurs are provided with a platform to gain knowledge of how to drive traffic to their websites, landing pages and sales pages. Other people who this program is intended are individuals who struggle to make money online and online marketers who need more exposure.

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The programs offered at HTA also aim at converting website subscribers into customers (High Traffic Academic Review, 2015). There are several advertising and marketing sources at HTA which drive to different individual or group websites targets. These receptive visitors have a need to purchase a given websites products or services. All the advertising sources are examined constantly each month with an estimation value of about $ 100,000 in aiding its strategies.