Sample Business Studies Paper On Globalization

Homework Question on Globalization

  • Find two articles that discuss globalization. One should support globalization and one should be critical of it. Your articles may address a single issue or incident that is caused as a result of globalization.
  • Your post must include the following:
  • A 50 word summary of both articles, under the title “Summary” and then “Article 1” and “Article 2”
  • A link to each article, along with its title, name of the source (must be outside of the US), and date of publishing, under the title “Source” and then “Article 1” and “Article 2”
  • An explanation of why it is relevant to the module, under the title “Relevance” and then “Article 1” and “Article 2”
  • The articles must be current (within the past 6 months)
  • The articles must be from a foreign publication or source
  • The articles should be in English or an English translation
  • Blogs and online posts are acceptable as long as they are substantive and the writer comes from somewhere other than the US.

Homework Answer on Globalization

  1. Summary
  • Article 1

The article is a discussion of how globalization has led to rise in value of properties, especially housing in Sydney and Melbourne. The author attributes the boom to the towns being hubs for international trade.

  • Article 2

The piece discusses the plight of striking doctors working in National Health Service of United Kingdom (U.K), blaming it on a globalised labor market.


  • Article 1

Wade, Matt. “Behind the boom: How globalisation is helping to push up our property prices.” The Sydney Morning Herald. N. p., 20 June. 2015.


  • Article 2

Kilkey, Majella., & Lunt, Neil. “Angry doctors are just the latest victims of globalization.” The Conversation Africa. N. p., 21 Oct.  2015.


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3.      Relevance

3.1  Article 1

As businesses undergo internationalization, the need for housing and other infrastructure is vital. In order to attract and enable foreign investors, countries should provide housing and transport. It is for this reason that countries are developing their infrastructure in order to create attractive business environment. On the other hand, countries that are located in geographically favorable countries have become a magnet for foreign companies.