Sample Business Studies Paper on Entrepreneurship & Innovation

To look to the world around you (your firm, your venture, your previous experience, your friend ventures, a business initiative around you, etc.) with a different perspective thanks to the methods and theories you learned during the class.
The objective is to reflect on the situation you have selected with the new frameworks studied during the class.
A generic overview could be the situation at stake (the context, its main elements, the results, etc.),
its analysis through the frameworks selected from the ones studied during the week, and as a conclusion the lessons you have learned and your recommendations.

The assignment is NOT:
• A Business plan for a new venture or for a new business within your firm
• A report
• A synthesis of theories or general ideas without any empirical part (please avoid the trap to write a
theoretical essay that summarizes the sessions of the week. They have to be embedded in a real
• A description of a venture or an innovation without any analysis and reflection.

Three criteria will be considered:
– the relevancy of the situation you have chosen with the major’s theme. It can be an innovation or a
venture undertaken in your firm or somewhere else (within your friend’s startup, etc). You have to
think about innovation in a very broad sense: it can be about product, process, organization, business
model, service, etc.
– your understanding of the concepts or method(s) mobilized. This can be assessed through your
implementation and application of these theories within the specific situation chosen. You are not
supposed to apply systematically all the concepts studied: you can pick the relevant ones according to
the chosen situation.
– the structure of the document, the writing and the ease of reading it.
So as you have noticed, you have a lot of autonomy in this assignment. Be creative & Innovative and
let your entrepreneurial spirit flow.

(About 2500 words)