Sample Business Studies Paper On Drug Testing in the Workplace

Homework Question on Drug Testing in the Workplace

  1. Please comment on your experience with employee drug testing, if you have ever experienced this yourself ?
  2. But in any case, comment on whether you feel that drug testing of employees is an ethical practice or not? Be thorough (critical analysis) in your exploration of the topic, as well as provide support your conclusions with the text or other academic sources in APA formatting.

Homework Answer on Drug Testing in the Workplace

Drug testing in the workplace has been increasing rapidly in both government agencies and the private sector. Many firms have either implemented drug testing or contemplated introducing it. Presently, the practice is carried out throughout the world regardless of the industry. However, despite its burgeoning popularity, routine and random drug testing has created a storm over its morality. Proponents believe that employers are ethically justified in implementing while opponents think that it is unethical since it infringes on employee’s privacy. Personally, I believe that drug testing is an ethical practice.

Professional industries such as transport, medicine, education, and construction require a higher level of safety and caution. Practitioners in these fields have to be sober if they are to carry out their duties properly. Otherwise, their impaired judgments and senses can have serious consequences. Therefore, having a drug testing protocol will deter these employees from using drugs before coming to the workplace. Furthermore, sobriety would ensure business safety with regard to productivity and property.

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This would also lead to a safe working environment. In the same breath, employers are responsible for the actions of their employees. This implies that if a worker causes an accident while on duty, the employer would be punished (Wickizer et al., 2004). Employers have a duty to ensure the safety and wellbeing of their customers, workers and the community at large. Drug abuse has been costly to employers over the past decades. For example, the cost of drug abuse in the US in 1980 was $46.9 billion. By 1986, it had risen to $100 billion.