Sample Business Studies Paper on Cover Letter

LinkedIn Assignment

            Your assignment, due at the end of the course, is to build an offline LinkedIn page. Using the “LinkedIn Profile Checklist – College Students.pdf” found in week seven course contents, complete each item below as it is to appear on a LinkedIn profile.

            Grading will be based on the completeness of each section. Remember, spelling and grammar count. In the real world, potential employers will be reading this.

Name: Samia,

3967 w Burnside St, Portland OR 97277

Home: 503 666 6625 – Cell: 972 666 6985



Headline: I am a professional fashion designer, who has an experience of more than two years. I really enjoy my profession because it offers me chance to lay the basis of my future business. My plan is to establish an international fashion designing company, which will manufacture global brands.

Summary: I am a creative fashion designer with a strong background I alterations, garment fittings and fashion design. I pay attention to details, and I am always dedicated to exceed my customers’ expectations.

Experience: Head Manager, from January 2010 to April 2012

A&S – Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

I was in charge of projects that had fixed timelines. Additionally, I was supposed to implement seasonal changes in some projects.


Education: Bachelor of Arts – General Art, 2010

Abdul Aziz University – Jeddah, Hejaz Region, KSA

Diploma – Fashion Design, 2008

Volunteer Experience and Causes: I have seven months’ experience as a volunteer in a local designer company, where I learned tactics of fashion sketching and fabric direction.

Skills and Expertise: I am an expert in fashion sketching, garment fittings, and fabric direction. I have strong creative design skills, in addition to professional photo shoot experience

Honors and Awards: I was honored for being part of the team that developed several best-selling collections in 2010, where we created design processes that served as multiple global brands.

Courses: Some of the courses that have assisted in sharpening my skills in fashion design include Fashion Industry Language Guide, Designing Principles, Fashion Illustration, Measurement and Patterns.

Projects: I was involved in preparing fashion exhibition in college, where I personally approached several fashion design firms for funds.

Recommendations: The CEO of A&S in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia can attest my proficiency.