Sample Business Studies Paper on Costco’s business model and strategy

Questions to respond to are the following:

1. What is your assessment of Costco’s business model and strategy?
2. How well is Costco’s strategy working? (support your response)
3. What recommendations would you make to Costco management to sustain the company’s growth and further improve the company’s financial performance?
4. Mission and strategy, culture and leadership are the transformational factors that most immediately respond to external environmental dynamics.
5. Describe the interaction of these factors and Jelinek’s leadership.
6. Which in your opinion is the factor that has the greatest impact? Why? (Refer to your previous Leadership courses, peer review journals for references).

You will have to critically analyze each question and provide a thorough answer while using chapter concepts (follow APA format to cite all content from text or external sources).

Please read the instructions carefully. Please make sure I am able to identify the answer to the questions and you are applying chapter concepts in your answers. If you use more than one concept per answer, then cite each concept.

All chapter concepts using APA format to cite all content from text or external sources.
All chapter concepts used must be cited including the page number.
Use sub headers to separate different parts of your responses. (if necessary)
Citations and the reference list MUST match
The organization, critical analysis and your thought process must be easy to follow and demonstrate knowledge of the concepts in applications. Observations related to the case topic add depth and substance prompting new ideas/perspectives.