Sample Business Studies Paper on Corporate Governance Practices In Family Firms

Corporate Governance Practices In Family Firms

What qualifications do you think IDs in family firms need in order to add value for shareholders and stakeholders?

An independent director of a firm is supposed to posses personal and professional ethics. They should be persons of integrity who are ready to uphold the business code of ethics. In this regard, they are supposed to posse’s good communication and rapport with their customers. It’s through the better ethical skills that the shareholders may be motivated to take part in the business affairs of the company.

Secondly, they should be persons with extensive business experience on how to run a family firm. In this sense, a person should at least have at least 5 years’ experience to qualify for this position. This is because, in regard to its daily task a person who has an extensive qualification may be able to convince other shareholders and stakeholders on what to do regarding the dos and the don’ts of the organization towards a profitable margin.

Thirdly, IDs should posses’ appropriate skills and relevant experienced in fields relating to management, sales, marketing, administration and law etc. it’s through possession of such skills that the ID’s is able to strategize towards increasing the shares and sales of the firm. This is because all such fields are related with the firm’s key agenda.

Fourthly, the IDs should be technical oriented. This implies that they should be able to command the fundamental digital market through better literacy in the same field. Family firms rare usually based on critical digital enhancement, especially because of advancement in technology. Therefore, the said persons should be fit in using technology for marketing and business day to day duties.

Fifthly, they should neither be members of the family nor should they be related to the family and other members in any way. This is because once the ID is not related to the family members, they will be able to make independent decision which will suit the betterment of the family firm. Its through this independency of the Independent directors that the family firms can be able to be directed on what to do and what not do base on direct consequences of the dire issue. Through this the ID can be able to accept suggestions from shareholders who are only going to add value to the organization without any favors.

Lastly, the IDs should possess boardroom experiences on how to defend their statements especially when it comes to board meetings aimed at accepting contracts or new shareholders in the company. This will make them to evaluate the possibility of selecting a certain shareholder with key influences based on their previous track records. As a result, this will result into an improvement in shares sold and as a result to flourish of the business.

Should regulators give IDs in family firms more power?

The question of whether IDs should be given more power or not depends on so many views. To begin with, it’s a ruling current governance system which allows every family firm to have an independent director. Therefore, in my views the regulators should increase the power of the Independence directors of the family firms.

First, its through this that the mandated preparation of the IDs can be revealed. Many family firms are fond of oppressive the independency of the IDs especially when it comes to making personal decisions based on the corporate issues of interest. Therefore, once this IDs have been given more power, they may be able to stand as independent in making firm decisions without any manipulative influence from the other directors of the firm.

Secondly, due to the fear of the minority shareholders been expropriated. It becomes necessary that the IDs should be guaranteed with power so as to defend the shareholders who may not be well-off in terms of their shares in the company. Such minority employees are normally at the risk of been banned and misused by the firm. It is through the power given to the IDs that such minority shareholders can be granted with freedom to participate in the affairs of the

Firm without any fear of been kicked out.

Lastly, to enhance an increased number of IDs in family firms, once the Ids are given more power, they will be able to push for an increase in number of IDs in a firm. This will ensure that they share the work which is available in the firm. Most of the firms have a greater task but less personnel to initiate the duty. Therefore, its necessary that the IDs be given more power to facilitate their independency in the corporate governance practices





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