Sample Business Studies Paper on Conflict Resolution Action Memo

Conflict Resolution Action Memo: Scenario 3

TO: Classmates

FROM: [Student’s name]

DATE: April 15, 2019

SUBJECT: The Need for Religious and Socio-political Tolerance

            For over a century, American society has been a safe haven for many people around the world for a wide variety of reasons key among the safeguarding of civil liberties. Our country was founded on the very premise that such liberties are incontrovertible. This memo addresses palpable tensions between students who subscribe to different social and political ideologies. IT also highlights the need for tolerance among students.

            Our country’s constitution and many others around the world guarantees and protects freedom of expression and association as important foundation for self-determination. Therefore, identifying with a political or social ideology is a constitutionally recognized inalienable civil liberty. It is one of the primary ways through which we express ourselves. Moreover, the ability to self-determine is hinged on how we build our identities whether social, political or otherwise. We define the parameters of our identities by associating with humans and ideologies which is also a form of expression.

            Setting boundaries for individuals and confining them to specific ideologies amount to injustice as it constricts their constitutional right. Religious, social, cultural and political regalia are important forms identity that we can use to self-identify and express ourselves. Viewing such objects as offensive and alienating or purposefully using them to cause psychological harm to others amounts to being insensitive. However, determining the former and the latter is tedious since it is not possible to legislate the mind of individuals which is the essence of freedom of expression, association and self-determination.

            In conclusion, the primary objective of civil liberties is foster greater cohesion and peaceful coexistence in our communities through tolerance. Tolerance requires embracing the inherent and inescapable diversity of humans. I therefore urge all students to embrace the diversity of thought, opinions, physical features and ideologies as a means of peaceful coexistence within the school.