Sample Business Studies Paper On Concentrations

Homework Question on Concentrations

  1. Describe in your own words the three concentrations that you are pursuing:
  2. Begin by listing the concentrations and the subject matter of those concentrations.
  3. Describe for each of the concentrations the methodology of all or some of the elements of the concentration. For example, the behavioral science concentration would integrate laboratory research in areas such as psychology, statistical analysis in areas such as sociology, and fieldwork in anthropology.
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  • Your written assignment should be a minimum of 250 words.

Homework Answer on Concentrations

The three concentrations that I am learning include;

  1. Behavioral Science Concentration
  2. Business
  3. Humanities
  4. Behavioral Science Concentration

Behavioral Science concentration entails investigation of human and animal behaviors in their environment. It systematically analyzes and investigates animal and human behavior through naturalistic and controlled observation and scientific research and experimentation in areas like psychology, criminology, and psychobiology. It also integrates statistical analysis in areas like fieldwork anthropology and sociology.

The empirical data obtained from such experimentations is used to investigate various communication strategies and decision processes between or within an organism in a certain social system.

Homework Help

  1. Business

The concentration of business entails the study of enterprise, globalization, management, and sustainability. It combines theoretical perspectives with creativity and innovativeness to come up with new ideas that are used to improve the current strategies in leadership and management.Business makes use of experiential approach, whereby meaning is derived from its elements to construct knowledge. It involves experiencing the real life situations, thinking deeply about past occurrences, generalizing and extracting the occurrences, and further relating the information. Moreover, it tends to create an inclusive environment where there are constant interactions with management teams in real life situations.