Sample Business Studies Paper on Capstone Diary

Upload artifacts, articles, transcripts of interviews with experts, transcripts/minutes of meetings/conferences attended, first drafts and reflections of learning progress as part of the “Capstone Diary” to record ongoing activities for this week.

The report should consist of:

  1. Minutes of meetings that you attend.Evidence of networking at events (keep business cards of relevant contacts and a summary of discussion).
    1. Minutes of external meetings
    2. Minutes of interviews
  2. Summary of any other activities (including a review of peer-review journals/academic sources in the course list)

Specific Requirements

  1. The reflection report should consist of 2 pages.
  2. Use APA format (Times New Roman font; font size 12 point throughout). Use double spacing.
  3. Be detailed and clear on your contributions to the overall work.
  4. It is highly recommended for you not to leave the reflection report to the last minute.  You are encouraged to continue journal entries, and jot down notes on situations and reflections as they arise throughout the term.  A good/excellent reflection report approaches all issues in a (self) critical manner with due attention paid to all viewpoints.