Sample Business Studies Paper on Business Principle in a Global Economy

Business Principle in a Global Economy


In this article, we will discuss the Apple Computer Company, a multinational corporation since it has a global view as its products are used worldwide and known for quality machines. It deals in various services, including; production of personal computers, internet services, software, and various electronics.

Apple was founded in the year 1976 on the first day of April by Steve Jobs, Ronald Wayne, and Steve Wozniak with the main aim of selling the personal computer kit for Apple I machine. This machine was sold as a mere motherboard which is just a constituent of the present-day full personal computers produced by the company. In the year 1976, in July, the price of Apple I was $ 666.66. Later on, Apple II was invented by one of the founders of Apple I, named Steve Wozniak, and was made public in 1977 on the sixteenth day of the month at the very first West Coast Computer Faire (Stanko 97-98). Later on, there was a staff for the Apple designers that led to the introduction of Apple III, and the development phases continued till the more advanced machines from the Apple Company arose. The Apple company makes announcements on the development of the seventh iOS operating system accompanied by the OS X Mavericks, which is noted to be the tenth version of Mac OS X. Therefore, the company is seen to be a highly booming one in the market field as the company offers several other services. Due to the consistency and the commitment shown by the panelists of the company, the company is set to enjoy even more profits as its products prove non-out-competed in the market field globally (Malfona 53)



Being the globe’s most important information and technology company, it also had some challenges as it is not excluded in the business environment. There are several areas in Apple Inc. that faces problems. Having done some conclusive internal analysis of Apple company, it is identified that it got a robust methodology of promoting direct sales links. However, by bad luck, it is still dragged back. It is because the company only had thirteen countries where they carried out the direct sales. The other problem faced by the company is the attention that is given to the iPod and the iPhones as the principal item contributors towards the overall target sales, the hardware produced by the company only operates successfully with iOS that has made difficulty in the usage, unlike the android operators which are the key competitors whose items have no issues on the use and lastly it is noted that the products that the company manufactures are so luxurious and expensive that an average medium income-earning individual would instead prefer the android devices over the Apple Machines as they are relatively cheaper. The problems have resulted in the losses that the company incurs, but measures to fix the gaps are enacted (Khan et al. 955-961)

In the quest to settle the issues arising with the marketing strategy, Apple Inc. developed the cheapest marketing strategy through patent wars, enabling them to reach a vast population with billions of cash saved, unlike regular operational business, which incurs the losses made by profits by the company. And with this plan, the Apple machines are available anywhere within the continent at clicks. The other problem that has not been fully addressed is the prices per commodity; though they are very original items, the company should check on the way to rationalize the price to accommodate a good number of customers (Khan et al. 955-961)


The nature of the business environment that Apple company stakes is, per outer view, a dangerous take for them regarding the market prices of their produced goods and services. The market competitors of the company, including; the android developers, bring a threat to the existence and the operationality of the company as they produce products in the same line but at reasonably low prices and make many individuals opt for the cheaper items other than the expensive apple items thus lowering the marketability of Apple items. Even though the company faces such competition, it still got strengths as not a single of its competitors to produce their software which is produced in Apple Inc., therefore, contributing to the profits made by the company on the sale of its software (Demir and Ayse 143-147)

The problems like the conflict that arises between the managing stakeholders are viewed as a severe threat fr the well being of the business as not a single concentration will be given to the smooth progress of the company but instead spent on mediations trying to solve problems arising within the industry though this is a dangerous stake for the forward movement of the company (Demir and Ayse 143-147)



We identify that Apple Inc. has adopted an excellent market competitive strategy to reach a large number of people in seconds without necessarily having close contact with the customers o the various commodities produced within the company, including the software it is the only company making.

We realize that there has been the depreciation of the labor force use due to the use of the internet in the advertisement and the sales of the commodities produced by the company. It is noted that with this method, the company has managed to save billions of shillings which would have been used in the standard business strategies.

Marketing is made more accessible in the current Apple Inc. since the direct sales that were used back had several disadvantages to have renewal in its outlook, and good results are posted at the end. The supply also is realized to be just a reasonable quantity per the demand in the market places. Therefore it is deduced that Apple Inc. has a perfect strategy to exercise its operations to realize success (TIAN )




According to the marketing strategy adopted by the company, the chances of it failing economically are so trivial as reasonable market grounds are established globally that have no chance of receding. The organization is said to have saved billions if not millions of shillings in its strategy, ensuring goods are brought on board to the global population’s reach through the internet, hence minimizing labor salaries and even wages.

The fact that it is the only company producing software, the business competition environment is relaxed a bit since all the software must be fashioned by the company and offered as products for sale, plowing back the profit to the firm; hence it is viewed that Apple Inc. is a very stable business competitor and the deals are a subject to produce quality profits.



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