Sample Business Studies Paper on Business plan

Homework Question on Business plan

  • Required Length: 2500 words (max. 3000 words)
  • Marks: Prepare a business plan for a new organisation /existing organisation of your choice?
  • Make sure that you have also reviewed the additional resource on the LMS about the parts / structure of a GOOD Business Plan.
  • Headings Title page Executive Summary (not included in word count)
  • Table of Contents Introduction Section headings Market feasibility Technical feasibility Human feasibility Financial feasibility References Appendix


Homework Answer on Business Plan


Amazon will be a fast food restaurant that will offer a range of products like white chocolate, caprese salad, chocolate cate, chicken, baked products, squeezed fruit juices, products shrimp dumplings sweet pea soup among other products. The restaurant will be located in a strategic serene environment that will attract customers from all walks of life. The target customers of the restaurant will be college students who have little time to prepare their own meals, workers who have short lunch hours and those low class people who cannot afford meals in other restaurants in the neighborhood. Amazon will provide excellent services to its customers so as to attract more customers through referrals.

The size of Amazon will between forty to fifty meters square and will be able to accommodate eight to one hundred people at a time. Amazon will be decorated and fitted with gorgeous antiques and artifacts to make it look attractive to the eyes of potential customers. The management will obtain all permits and licenses from relevant authorities to ensure that Amazon meets all standards that have been set by the bodies that are concerned with regulating businesses in my state. Workers of Amazon will be involved in decision making so as to uphold high standards throughout the restaurant. Approximately three hundred thousand dollars will be needed for the full operation of the restaurant.

Business Plan for Amazon Fast Food Restaurant

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Amazon will be a fast food restaurant that will offer a range of products and sumptuous services to its customers. Fast food restaurants are entities which serve food very fast and are cheap and thus have replaced homemade food (Untaru and Ispas, 2013). The main products of the restaurant will include foods like New York cheesecake, white chocolate, caprese salad and chocolate cate, chicken, shrimp dumplings, sweet pea soup, baked products, squeezed fruit juices among other products. Products that are offered by fast food restaurants reflect the shifts in societal norms away from the tradition homemade food and dining with more consumers interested in contemporary fast food outlets offering fast foods (Lichtenberg 2012). The main aim of the restaurant is to build a strong market position and attract many customers through various strategies, for instance, advertising and promotions.