Sample Business Studies Paper On Business in China

Homework Question on Business in China

  •  It is recommended that you do a little research on Business in China.General Guidelines Format – the written portion of your project will be :
  • Single-spaced, detailed outline.
  • Do not submit a standard report or essay format.
  • Detail – your outline must be just as informative as a standard essay.
  • The only difference is you don’t have to create complete sentences, paragraphs and transitions.
  • Be specific and complete explanations of terms, concepts and applications of your topic to business.
  • Each outline topic and subtopic should contain a thorough, detailed information.

Double check the following:

  • Make sure you have covered all the required elements
  • Cite your sources!
  • Submit only a Microsoft Word document, or a PDF document.
  • You can use any app or software to write the outline.

Homework Answer on Business in China


China has made a remarkable progress in the business field for the past few decades. Today, China represents the world’s most attractive emerging markets that have managed to compete with other developed countries. The country’s GDP is thriving, urban population is growing, private and public spending is on the increase, and the middle class is burgeoning, thus promoting business. “China is the world’s largest exporter, having overtaken Germany in 2009 and the second importer” (Perea, and Joan 58).

Many Firms consider China as a market full of opportunities, which explains why a number of firms consider market access as relevant when explaining why they set up a business in China. These types of businesses view China as an interesting market to commercialize their manufactured products. China emerged as an economic giant since it opened its doors to foreign businesses, and made the conditions of doing business in the country to be favorable.

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Business Environment

“The rapid industrial development has been achieved by increasing technological advancements, huge foreign direct investment, and productivity increases” (Collins and Carson 18). The government of China has provided an environment that favors business. Most of companies in the US outsource their sources from China due to the cheap labor that is found in the country as a result of the large population.