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Homework Question on Organization Behavior: Employee Relations

  • This paper is for my Organizational Behavior.
  • TOPIC: Talk about how employees of JP. Morgan Chase, Delta Airlines, and Wal-Mart stores are motivated by the top managers to achieve success.
  • There is have to be:
  1. Introduction –
  2. A bit of background of the companies and a comparison and contrast between these three companies.
  3. Conclusion.

Homework Answer on Organization Behavior: Employee Relations


Employees refer to the human workforce hired, trained and tasked in fulfilling company goals and objectives. Different companies have diverse procedures of hiring. However, they all ensure the right talent is hired. Companies emphasize on acquiring the right talent as such people have skills and qualifications a firm can enhance to ensure employees are able to meet the demanding duties in a particular job position.

This prevents the right talent being hired to undertake roles and responsibilities in a position they cannot use or rely on their skills and abilities as they fail to match the job requirements. Consequently, it improves the training program established by a firm to enhance employees’ skills, abilities, and qualifications. This process achieves employee motivation. Employee motivation therefore refers to processes undertaken to train, empower, encourage, support, and improve their performance based on the quality and quantity of outputs in an organization.

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JP Morgan Chase Company

Background Information

JO Morgan Chase is regarded as the oldest, largest and global recognized financial institution. It was established in 1799 in New York during which the earliest predecessors acquired a charter to engage in functions and operations undertaken by financial firms.  Currently, the firm has developed more than one thousand two hundred institutions as predecessors. JP Morgan Chase in Manhattan however remains the main heritage firm. The rest include Chemical Manufacturers Hanover in New York, First Chicago, and National Bank of Detroit among others.