Sample Sociology Essays On William and Kate’s Wedding

Homework Question on William and Kate’s wedding, April 29, 2011

  • The topic is: William and Kate’s wedding, April 29, 2011.
  •  You will provide a selection of 10 sources that illustrates how your story unfolds. Your sources should provide a chronology of the event: information from the day of or days after the event, the days immediately afterward, weeks after, months after, and a year or more after.
  • Your must also have a variety of sources: primary and secondary sources; popular, professional and scholarly; print and multimedia. (Scholarly sources are especially important )  You should use a variety of tools to locate information (journal databases, newspaper databases, the Internet, etc.) Do not rely only on One Stop, Academic Search Premier or Google! Organize your 10 sources as a time line from most current to least current as they relate to the event.
  • For each source:
  1. Indicate when the item was published
  2. Provide an APA citation
  3. Indicate what the source is (book, newspaper article, journal/magazine article, tweet, blog, video, etc.)
  4. Identify if the source is primary or secondary, and explain
  5. Indicate if the source is popular, professional or scholarly, and explain
  6. Indicate how you found the source (name of database, search engine, etc.)
  7. Who can access the source? Is it freely available (open access) or restricted (to Mount users or by payment)?

Homework Answer on William and Kate’s wedding, April 29, 2011

They had met back in the year 2001 and later were engaged in the year 2010. William proposed to Kate while they were on a vacation in Kenya during summer. The material day happened on 29th April 2011, which was a sunny day. This happened in the Westminster abbey where a crowd of people has turned up to witness the loyal marriage. The occasion was presided over by Richard Chartres while archbishop rowan Williams united the couple.After they were wedded, they rode on a horse-drawn carriage to the street to greet the crowd that was eagerly waiting for this occasion (Lloyd & Etchingham, 2011).

They appeared on a balcony and kissed to demonstrate to the crowd their union. The crowd was cheerful because of his first couple, which was regarded by many as marriage between a prince and a commoner.This event happened after they were officially married at the Westminster abbey. This is one of the most celebrated events that happened in the world. It was washed all over the world with so many television stations broadcasting every event as it unfolded.

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One Day Later

After the ceremony, the Dutch couple held a dinner to celebrate with friends and family. The following morning, Prince William resumed his job as a rescue pilot thus they did not go for honeymoon. This was contrary to the viewers who believed that the loyal couple would fly to Kenya, Jordan or South America (Morton, 2011). The occasion of honeymoon happened nine days later after the marriage, which was kept as a big secret to both Kate and the public.