Sample Business Studies Essays On The Influence of Media

Homework Question on Influence of Media over Public Opinions

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  2. Adequate body paragraphs to support your main points and details regarding your thesis and acknowledgment of the other side’s argument and a rebuttal to refute it (All sound arguments acknowledge the other side and refute it!),
  3.  A conclusion that restates your thesis and gives proper closure to your essay.
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  • Errors in grammar and mechanics will be deducted accordingly, and excessive grammatical errors will result in a substantially lower grade.

Homework Answer on Influence of Media over Public Opinions

The influence of the media on the human opinions has been a debatable subject in the recent days. While some people perceive that humans can make decisions without relying on suggestions and information emancipating from the media platforms, there is a strong believe that the media dictates the political, economic, and social aspects. Notably, the media is molding the society, bearing great stimulus over the culture and the structure of the human beings. For this reason, the media has great influence over people’s opinions.

It is obvious that the media does what it name immediately implies: communicating ideas to the masses. Some of the ideas possess greater awareness to the human needs, more sensitive to social problems, greater tolerances to offenders, anxiety to the religious groups and exploration to the darker side of the human nature. Accordingly, few people demonstrate their mental power on making rational decisions without relying on the media programs.

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News makers are less concerned in informing people about facts, but they focus on telling people what their opinions should be. Much of the information received acts as an eye opener to what is happening in the world. People switch to networks that match their already established ideologies. However, journalists and reporters present events with narrower message, incorporating their own thoughts and ideas. In the process, it becomes hard for the public to perceive the event with a wider view, hence failing to understand the motive of such information.