Sample Business Studies Essays On Social Media Ads

Homework Question on Social Media Ads

  1. How social media ads (facebook and twitter) will help raise awareness and drive customers into ARTISTS FOR HUMANITY NEW MAKER SPACE.
  2. Please, provide statistics and numbers on how social media (facebook and twitter) prices, estimates and approximation of how many customers social media ads can attract

Homework Answer on Social Media Ads

“Artists for humanity” is an organization that facilitates collaboration among teenagers to provide comprehensive solutions that can bring about social change, as well as encourage creative entrepreneurship among urban youths. The nature of its operations has compelled it to develop a business plan that will help it to strategize on how to increase traffic to its website in order to increase awareness and attract customers and other stakeholders. A business plan is a statement providing a description about the business plans and how the intended plans are to be achieved (“An Introduction to Business Plans,” n.d.).

Social media trends indicate a great deal in chances of creating awareness among Face Book users, with a number of organizations stating that they are critical in their organizations. This is because the site is a source of referrals and direct customers hooked to an organization’s business page. Statistics indicate that 80% of American companies prefer to create awareness through their Face Book sites, since this social media platform has higher leads of close to 100%, which is higher than conventional marketing strategies (“The Ultimate List of Marketing Statistics,” n.d.)

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On the other side, Twitter is also used, with 92% of multinationals using tweets to increase brand awareness. Reports also indicate that close to 60% of the major brands have over 100,000 followers, with restaurants and retail businesses being the most engaging segments (“Twitter Marketing Statistics – 2015”, 2015).