Sample Business Studies Essays On Servant Leadership

Homework Question on Servant Leadership

  • Read and briefly summarize the article including how servant leadership is defined.
  • Next discuss your reaction to the article. Servant leadership is on values-based leadership theory.
  1. Do you think character is important to leadership? Why or why not?
  2. What is your experience in the workplace with leaders you consider either ethical or unethical?
  3. How does the leader’s behavior impact those around him or her?
  4. What is the leader’s role in supporting ethical organizations?
  • The Influence of Servant Leadership on Restaurant Employee Engagement
    Danon Carter • Timothy Baghurst

Homework Answer on Servant Leadership


Servant leadership is a philosophy that tries to explain the important of good morals, how experienced one is in the place of work, the employee behavior and the relationship that exist between the employer and the worker. This is to ensure that the two parties involved meet their goals without using any authoritative power. Carter and Banghurst (2013), have clearly explained how the employer and employee should relate to ensure they accomplish their goals.

It is important that employers only get the employees who have a real experience of the job they are ready to offer them. Failure to this can lead to poor performance leading to the collapse of the organization. A good relationship also should exist between the leaders and those around them.Character is imperative in the place of work because it ensures that leaders conduct themselves in a way they require employees to behave, which ensures smooth running of the business and attainment of organizational goals and objectives.

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Ethical experience in the workplace would help in shaping my work and encourage me to make the right decision, and more so create a safe environment to work in. Unethical leaders on the hand would cause troubles in the place of work, which may lead to collapse of the business. Leaders should lead by example to ensure they influence those around them positively and in return emulate them. Leaders should support ethical organizations to ensure excellent performance and ensure that an organization meets its goals.