Sample Business Studies Essays On Role of Training and Development

Homework Question on Role of Training and Development

  • Conduct a phone or personal interview with a Training Manager. Ask them to describe the role that training and development plays in their company utilizing the following questions:
  1. Who conducts the training and how often is it delivered?
  2. Who receives the training in the organization and what are the topics?
  3. What are the typical steps in the training process in your organization?  •How are your training efforts evaluated for effectiveness and efficiency?

Homework Answer on Role of Training and Development

Who Conducts the Training and how often is it done

Training firms that have specialized in the field of training conduct the training. The organizational contracts a training firm, with stipulated days for the training and what the training will have. The learning and development process takes place twice a year. Normally, after the company releases its semi-annual reports. There is always a need for motivation and a need to make the organizational goals easily achievable.

Who Receives the Training in the Organization and what are the Topics

Depending on the learning activity, any group in the organization can be trained or undergo a development program. Managers have their own development programs, so do supervisors, and the rest of the workers. The topics differ from one program to the next. The topics may be on teamwork and its essentials with a little bit of simulations to drive the point home.

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What are the Typical Steps in the Training Process in your Organization?

The organization focuses mainly on the ADDIE model of training. The ADDIE is just initials that stand for Assessment, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation.