Sample Business Studies Essays On Labor Relations

Homework Question on Labor Relations

  • Type your answers to the prompts below in a Word document.
  • Remember to include parenthetical citations (in APA format) to reference your sources.
  1. Would you expect a stronger anti-union response from an employer in manufacturing or an employer in a service industry? This doesn’t have to be a full page…just provide a detailed answer for each question…
  2. What are the potential long-term problems for unions in agreeing to labor-management cooperation programs?

Homework Answer on Labor Relations

In my view, I would expect that a stronger anti-union response from the manufacturing industry would emerge as compared to the service industry due to a given number of reasons. To start with, the manufacturing industry has more market power thus giving unions extra influence to particular demands of employers. Subsequently, service industries, mostly and in general employ on a shorter duration and therefore workers leave their jobs more often thantheir counterparts in the manufacturing industry so unionization is not given such a high priority (Heery & Simms, 2010).

In addition, service jobs happen to have ahigher cost of labor and as a resultlabor unionsare less powerful. Therefore, the workers in the manufacturing industry have the benefit of a much more anti-union response as compared to employees’ in a service setting mainly because unions in the industry enjoy more power and influence.

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Labor-management cooperation programs consist of two forms of worker participation plans, namely the quality of work, life and the employee stock ownership. The programs are mainly aimed at fostering economic development, promoting a healthy collective bargain, as well as enhance labor relations (Feit & Holosko, 2012). Thus, a problem arises where the programs create an uncertain line between employees in an organization and the management, which brings them on an equal level playing field.