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Homework Question on Just in Time (JIT)

  • Can you please answers the below questions in your own words and give examples. Please try to answer with at least 5 paragraphs. Last Discussion Question
  • Please chose at least three or four of the Deming’s Principles and list the then in your own words what each principle mean. “Just-in-Time (JIT)” Please respond to the following:
  1. Develop three (3) examples that illustrate how a manufacturing company or a service company of your choice uses JIT, and then determine three to four (3-4) benefits of JIT for that particular organization. Discuss how the JIT concept differs between manufacturing and service companies. Provide specific examples to support your rationale. “Six Sigma and Acceptance Sampling” Please respond to the following: WEEK6
  2. Using the Six Sigma Approach (DMAIC), provide an example situation that utilizes the five-step plan, and determine three to four (3-4) challenges you may encounter using this approach. Provide specific examples to support your rationale. Evolution and Philosophy of TQM” Please respond to the following: WEEK4
  3. Go to The Quality Register Website and review Dr. Edwards Deming’s 14 Principles located at Next, select three (3) of Deming’s 14 points, and evaluate how each point is critical to the success of a TQM program. Provide specific examples to support your rationale.

Homework Answer on Just in Time (JIT)

Deming spearheaded Total Quality Management by setting out fourteen principles essential for effective management of price, product, and service. They include creation of constancy of purpose in forecasting continuous growth in the products or service, in terms of new product lines and improvement. This aims at meeting and even exceeding expectations of customers. Consequently, it ensures the business is a going concern and hence continuously providing job opportunities.

The use of new philosophy ensures an organization does not maintain its status quo but embraces quality in all its undertakings. This is through developing products and services based on customer needs while embracing leadership rather than just management. Conversely, use of a single supplier per item and awarding tenders based on quality rather than price ensures the suppliers build their quality. Costs are also minimized as cheap may sometimes be expensive in the long run. The loyalty built however, enhances bargaining powers with the suppliers.

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Just in Time (JIT) refers to the use of integrated steps and procedures to maximize production while minimizing costs. This can be undertaken through reduced wastage in production and good time management. This has prompted Toyota to continue using JIT in almost all its major processes. Thus, with proper time management, time taken to satisfy each customer’s demands is calculated and synchronized with production. Promptly, measures are taken to ensure this cycle is optimized.