Sample Business Studies Essays On IT Adoption Strategy

Homework Question on IT Adoption Strategy

  • This is an individual assignment.The purpose of this assignment is to develop your capability to understand IT strategy theories, frameworks and concepts, achieving the first learning outcome.
  • You will write a research essay of 2500-3000 words based on review of relevant literature and case studies on one of the following topics:
    1. Discuss how organisations can manage and integrate emerging information technologies (and IT management innovations) into their IT strategies.
    2. Why do firms need to develop an IT strategy? Examine the value of having an IT strategy including the qualities of the IT strategy that are essential to deliver value.
    3. Evaluate how the size of organisations as well as their industry might influence the purpose and content of IT strategy
    4. Synthesize and explain the parameters that need to be considered while developing an IT strategy
    5. Synthesize and discuss the factors that influence the successful execution of IT strategy.
    6. Taking a “live case” (perhaps the organisation that you are working) discuss how IT Strategic thinking resulted in taking advantage of either an IT or business advantage. This topic is suitable for students with work experience.

Homework Answer on IT Adoption Strategy

The 21st business field need to adopt a lot of technological applications in its operations as the demand for the same continues to rise. Around the globe, a particular system of commerce is acutely evolving which makes use of immense technological applications. This is because, the markets keep evolving systematically from local to regional and to international realms and that various companies and organizations are competing to capture.

The current business world is dominated by stiff competition through market opening with the aid of globalization. Besides, knowledge about information technology and its revolution has seen through the rapid developments in various production sectors around the globe. Technology has changed the entire game regarding how businesses are run in the world. The new technological approach to doing business has set in due to rapid and intensive investments in technology and computer systems to run various business applications in the world. Computer processing is today a common occurrence in the business world.

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Such applications have gained prominence in several areas of productivity including in data preparation appliances such as manufacturing, the service industry, telecommunications infrastructure, government agencies, in education and even in households through the use of robots and other automated machines use din various household applications. Due to tremendous adoption and application of technological applications in business and other service industries, there has been tremendous growth around the globe in terms of socio-economic development.