Sample Business Studies Essays On “Is Google ready to sell its Driverless Car?”

Homework Question on “Is Google ready to sell its Driverless Car?”

  1. Step 1: Do some research. Check out this progress report (Links to an external site.) regarding the Google Self-Driving Car. Is Google ready to sell its Driverless Car?Here is the link:
  2. Step 2 :Write a short essay Assume Google is ready to sell its Driverless Car to the public.
  3. Write a one- to two-page (300- to 500-word) persuasive statement explaining whether the Google Self-Driving Car could be classified as a “defective product” under existing law.

Homework Answer on “Is Google ready to sell its Driverless Car?”

Google has been making tremendous steps in making and providing driverless cars with an intention of curbing the human error that occur on the roads. The technology involved is high tech with much engineering precision. Since time in memorial human beings have been causing lots of accidents due to minor or major mistakes that could be easily handled by machines when right architecture is used. On the roads drivers have many destructors that take away the attention from the road hence causing accidents which can be avoidable.

This is a good venture that Google has invested in since it is aimed at bringing sanity on the roads and save the un-sober minds from being gagged due to driving under influence. The project has a huge implementation strategy where by the existing laws do not favour the operation and running of the project on the ground. So far, the driverless car can be rendered defective under the already existing laws.

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The laws were made considering that auto motives would be under the instruction of human beings who will be responsible in case of any accidents involving the machine. For instance in case of an accident, there is no guideline on who will bear the burden or liabilities between the car driver and the maker of the software.  Questions are raised over who gets the ticket in case the driverless car runs over a red light. The way to communicate with traffic officers in case the vehicle is flagged down by a cop for inspection.