Sample Business Studies Essays On Impact Of Financial Crises On GCC

Homework Question on Impact Of Financial Crises On GCC

  • The history of this GCC financial crises for examples and you can add more pointes : (not less than 3 pages )
  • How it’s started financial crises date financial crises period  window financial crises marks financial crises causes geneses of crises
  1. What are the Consequences of the crises on GCC ( stock Market ) Indexes
  2. Which country is more sensitive to the crises
  3. Which sector and why is more effected The behavior of the GCC market on this crises // Stock market will decrease justify // See the stock market data in this period ( crises period )
  • Related with growth of economy Growth How many years does it takes to recover
  • Note: You may choose crises happened in Saudi ( collapse of the Saudi stock market in 2006 )

Homework Answer on Impact Of Financial Crises On GCC


The massive collapse of the Saudi Stock Exchange, Tadawul, marked one of the blackest periods of the Saudi Arabian and the entire Gulf Cooperation Council economies. The stock market had experienced massive gains in performance since 1998 to 2005 to reach its highest, 20967 points. However, it became extremely volatile and crashed to go as low as 6767 points in 2006. This essay, therefore, presents a comprehensive analysis of the Saudi Stock Market crisis as it seeks to show the impacts of this crisis on GCC.

The history of the crisis is widely covered, and the factors that led to these crises are also given. To enhance the understanding of the effects of the statistical crisisanalyzes have been applied.


The year 2006 was one of the darkest periods for the Saudi Arabia stock market whereby it dropped so low after decades of tremendous growth. The market collapsed by losing about 65 percent of its value that represented a drop of over 13000 points(Fulzele 1-21).

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This crisis impacted many sectors and individuals in the economy since a lot of money was lost. Most affected were the middle-class people in the Saudi region and the greater GCC regions who had spent big fortunes in investing in the market. It is true that during the earlier years, before 2006, the Saudi Stock market was performing vibrantly that it attracted so many investors who wanted to reap huge earnings from stock buying and selling (Marketing information department 2-4).