Sample Business Studies Essays On Employer of Choice

Homework Question on Employer of Choice

  • The term ‘employer of choice’ has become a popular phrase in human resources circles in recent years. The concept and its benefits – that employees will choose your company over others and choose to dedicate themselves to your success if your company measures up in their eyes.
  1. Identify and research three of your employers of choice and visit their websites. Create a list of five criteria that you want in an employer and discuss how well each company meets your criteria.
  2. Also, rank the three companies based off this information and discuss which one is your top choice and why.
  • Your paper should be a minimum of 2 – 3 pages in length

Homework Answer on Employer of Choice

In determining who would be my employer of choice, I would investigate these five criteria: career advancement, amount of salary, involvement, work-life balance and job security. My three preferred employers are Apple, Google and Facebook.


Career advancement: When Steve Jobs died in 2011, he was replaced by Tim Cook, an Apple insider. This was just one of the many instances where an internal employee had been promoted to a higher office. Apple offers a platform for employees to advance their careers, knowing very well that they will be promoted when the opportunity arises. However, the company promotes the ideology that employees own their careers.

Therefore, an employee will not be promoted by default just because he/she has worked for a long time. Instead, they should have demonstrated exemplary service.

Salary: The average salary for an Apple employee at Cupertino is $111,280.

Job security: Apple has a reputation of having a firm stance on secrecy. The measures that the firm has taken to protect its intellectual and creative atmosphere are unparalleled in the technology industry. Consequently, job security depends on an employee’s ability to remain innovative and secretive.

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Work-life balance: The secrecy culture influences the work-life balance since employees are prohibited from discussing work issues with spouses, relatives or even other employees.

Involvement: After the passing on of Steve Jobs, ordinary employees nowadays play a central role in business operations.