Sample Business Studies Essays On Economics and Human Resources

Homework Question on Economics and Human Resources

Section 2 of the Paper on United Health Care should be approximately 7-8 pages not including charts, graphs, or long quotations. This written assignment should include information covering the following areas:

 Economics and Human Resources: 

  • Analyze the current micro and macroeconomic environment of the firm, and the overall impact of the economic conditions on the strategy of United Health Care;
  • Analyze the impact of human resource needs on the strategy of the organization and how the use of strategic use of human resources to gain a competitive advantage.

Legal and Ethical: Report should include key:

  • Analyze United Health Care’s value statement and/or code of ethics (or a list of recommended values) ;
  • Give at least two ethical or legal situations United Health Care is involved in;
  • Discuss how their culture and values influence their decision making;
  • Make recommendation on how to handle a legal or ethical situation

Social Responsibility

  • Examine the concept of corporate social responsibility (CSR).
  • Discuss the importance why United Health Care should engaged in CSR;
  • And identify and discuss United Health Care’s CSR program(s).

Homework Answer on Economics and Human Resources

Economics is a social science which dictates how people utilize the limited resources to manufacture, allocate and consume goods and services so as to fulfill their unlimited desires and needs. Microeconomics and macroeconomics are the most prominent disciplines in the fields of economics. Instinctively, it is well known that if a nation is healthy, they are capable of delivering labor to the market thereby avoiding absenteeism and in the process improving the productivity of the nation..

Current Micro and Macro Environment

Both disciplines of economics apply the same concept; however, microeconomics tackles people’s close snapshots, non-profit organizations and businesses within economies whereas macroeconomics trends the broader picture within economies. The benefit of economic health workforce on advanced productivity is encouraged by micro level evaluation in developing and developed countries. Conclusions can be drawn by preventative interventions which avoid illnesses.

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The evaluation of microeconomic is documented in both developing and developed countries. Through microeconomic assessment, evidence points out that economic growth rates constitutes better health with increased life expectancy. The relationship between macroeconomic assessment and better health takes place through various channels such as improved living and sanitation conditions, more nutritious food, improved access to health care and the general connection between an income and good health (Oxley & MacFarlan).