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Homework Question on China and India

  1. China and India have demonstrated trends toward Western-style consumption over the last decade. Given the emphasis on the youth market in the U. S. over the last 60 years (since the baby boom), what can you suggest for marketers in these youth-oriented consumer economies (China and India)?
  2. Describe the products (goods and services) that interest these youth markets. Compare and contrast the micro and macro-environmental forces that can influence the marketing strategies for these products (goods and services).
  3. Analyze the marketing strategies of these two countries and compare them with Western-based consumption marketers (e.g., US). Identify opportunities for U.S. companies might you foresee?
  • Support your reasoning. This assignment is designed to asses your critical thinking, problem solving, and communication skills. Your paper will be graded for its clarity, relevance, coherence, logic, and depth.

Homework Answer on China and India

Consumer economy can be defined as a concept that assesses a range of adjusts in present consumption stages and changes that take place in the population size, capital, and society within a given period of time. This paper will explore the future marketing strategies for the new youth oriented markets like the one in China and India depending on the marketing tactics adopted by the United States to cater for the youth consumers for the previous sixty years.

The services and products that the present youth focuses on are quite different from the products that the previous generations focused on. With the advancement in technology, the current youth are highly interested in quality, convenience, and speed.  The present marketers have to understand that they can only attract the youth by providing commodities and services that interest them. These services and products are supposed to be centered on fashion, music, technology, and other factors that are vital to the current youth.

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The consumption style of western people entails high sensitivity to economic class, implying that they spent a lot of money (White, 2012). For instance, the majority of the present youth are worried of having an expensive smart phone or car. They highly value the image of a product. Based on the fact that the current marketing strategies use advertising methods that are well known by the youth, it becomes easier to attract them. This is popular in China and India, and therefore companies in the United States should adopt same techniques.